Posted 14 hours ago

I’m twenty minutes in watching Million Dollar Listing when I realized I’m too smart for this.

Posted 1 day ago

I’m in New York City. #surfboard

Posted 2 days ago

Remember planking?

Posted 3 days ago

Saw a Blackberry Z10 AND a mobile pager in the same train. I’m not sure which is the bigger surprise.

Posted 5 days ago

Me: I did something bad.
Andy: What did you do?
Me: Well, it’s not “bad”…
Andy: What did you buy?

He knows me too well.

Posted 5 days ago

This is nice. (at Astoria Park)

Posted 6 days ago

Do something amazing. Everyday.

Posted 6 days ago

That’s a pillow up in a tree. East Village is interesting that way.

Posted 1 week ago

Horror movies are relatively short. The reason for this is anything longer than two hours will kill you.

Posted 1 week ago

I hope you’re ready to party because I just got a bag of googly eyes. Watch out, world.