Posted 43 minutes ago

Ginsburg stays and that’s all I care about today.

Posted 14 hours ago

I was just introduced to #BigRed. It’s just carbonated water, sugar and red 40. It’s amazing. (at Hill Country Barbecue Market)

Posted 17 hours ago

I love my new job!
(just in case I’m being cyber stalked by my new coworkers)

Posted 21 hours ago

The screenplay about my love for coffee is still unwritten. I know Sandra Bullock is just dying to play the role of Ken Maes. #Oscar

Posted 1 day ago

If you put a Mexican lesbian who just had an abortion in the middle of a room of Republicans, does everyone’s heads explode?

Posted 2 days ago


Posted 3 days ago

I just heard of the terms iSheep and Fandroids. I feel like I should have known these terms sooner.

Posted 3 days ago

"Rebel, rebel, your face is a mess."

Posted 4 days ago

Walking along Bleecker and just saw an old record store turn into a Starbucks. Kill me.

Posted 4 days ago

Isn’t it amazing that by simply raising your arm at the right moment, you can knock down a skateboarder?