Posted 7 hours ago

First patient diagnosed with ebola here in the US. Well, it was nice knowing y’all.

Posted 8 hours ago

I was just told that there’s a third Taken movie called “Tak3n.” I cannot wait for the fourth installment, “T4ken.”

Posted 9 hours ago

iPod for scale.

Posted 12 hours ago

I just saw an old man carrying crutches, started using them when he was a block away from the hospital, then went in.

Posted 4 days ago

Was just at a Radio Shack. They don’t carry 128G micro SDs. This is why they should just close down.

Posted 5 days ago

Eric Holder would not hold on. There, it has to be said. #hackjoke

Posted 5 days ago

I’m really scared to pull on it because I saw this happen to Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Posted 5 days ago

I took an Uber to work because I woke up uber later.

Posted 6 days ago

All-girl band named Periodic Table. First single: H2OMG.

Posted 1 week ago

It’s hard out here for a…